Prayer for our Fathers

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Please, pray for our priests.  They are in need of our prayers.

Take time to reflect that they have sacrificed their lives for our eternal salvation.  Every moment, they are called to serve and guide us, to humble themselves. Our prayers can fan the flames burning in their hearts for Christ and help them respond to their calling with complete surrender to God.

Just as we pray daily for the holy father, we need to keep all of our spiritual fathers in our prayers.  Because they are able to lead so many souls to heaven, they are particularly targeted by the evil one.

Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the intercession of our holy mother, Mary, priests have been given many graces to withstand these attacks. Pray that they persevere, and they will triumph.

This Advent, please make a spiritual sacrifice for priests.  Your sacrifice will touch many lives and bring great glory to God.

May the Lord’s call be answered.

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