Storm Debris

By Charla Spalluto Misse

My schedule, like everyone else’s, was turned upside down with the recent storms. After a few days of shock, I was ready to get back on track.

Three days after the storm, I finally went for a morning run.  Many people were still clearing their yards.  Power crews were in the neighborhood.

It was very cold and very windy on Lake Pontchartrain, but the sky was sunny and clear. Even though clean-up crews had cleared a great deal and the levee was dotted with many large piles of debris, there was still so much “stuff” left from the hurricane. As I hopped branches, I was able to breathe deeply and lift my heart to God.

People were smiling, showering me with that resilience of spirit so characteristic of New Orleans. A person sitting on a bench enjoying the wild wind coming off the lake hollered to me “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

My eyes scanned the trash ridden levee before raising up into endless blue sky and I could see nothing but the expanse of God’s mercy on us. “Yes”, I said in reply, “even with all the stuff … it’s beautiful.”

Even with the darkness, the despair and the dirt that surround us in this world, I pray that we can lift our hearts together and find the Light of Christ.

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