Prayer and Action Take on a New Meaning

By Sarah McDonald

I had my first of five children in 2011, then I had five babies in seven years.

For nearly a decade, I was blessed to be either pregnant or caring for a newborn with all that comes with that. For nearly a decade, I used that as an excuse to not be very active or make time for myself – even to pray.

As my baby turned 2, I realized that those excuses would not work anymore. The more independent my children get, from the 9-year-old down to the 2-year-old, the more it would be important for me to take better care of myself – spiritually and physically.

That said, time is still a very valuable commodity, so how was I to make time for both?

My answer was to combine the two! I have started spending time in prayer and action each morning. It might not be exactly what the church has in mind for that phrase, but for me it works.

Whether I am taking a brisk walk outdoors or planking in the living room, I have found the rhythm and focus of prayer – talking to God and sharing my intentions with him, our Blessed Mother and our saintly intercessors – helps me to find peace in the activity.

Please note, I am not training to run a marathon or anything even remotely close, but simply trying to be healthy so that I may use my gifts and talents to the best of my ability as a wife, a mother and child of God.

So, just like it’s nice to take a walk with a friend, maybe next time consider taking a walk with God or with our Blessed Mother. I promise, the time will fly by!

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