Continuing to Celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage During the Pandemic

By Ana Borden

Seven months into the pandemic, despite the chaos and constant changes, I have seen beauty emerge in the sacrament of marriage. Have the restrictions from the virus possibly created a refocus on the importance of this precious sacrament?

It is as if gathering restrictions have stripped away the unnecessary details, lists, desires and emotions beyond the couple and God – essentially, the distractions are gone.

Because the focal point is the sacrament, not the noise around it, I find it fascinating that embracing the much smaller, intimate and more ceremony-focused weddings characteristic from before the 60s – and which we personally preferred for ours – are being accepted and embraced.

But, the challenge during this time is supporting couples to not delay their vows, to move forward with their commitment to each other and God and explore satisfying the pressure and allure of a grandeur reception at a later date.

Just like with all facets of the pandemic, we must have patience and grace. We must also remember that God is in control and celebrating and continuing the domestic church is vital to the future of the Roman Catholic Church.

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