Strong is the only option

By Kristy Solis

Over and over, I hear that the world around us is overwhelming. This is true. A pandemic, fires and hurricanes have intertwined in our lives and have become our new norm. Yet, we still need to live daily life through all of these trials.

It is difficult for most to accept or to admit that this is a new way of life. When I read Psalm 27:14, which stated, “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” it reminded me during this strange time to lean into my faith and to be strong – for this is the only option.

As we wait for all of this to be a distance memory, we need to decide what is our reaction to this unrest in our world. Think about this question – “Do you produce more chaos or more courage?” If we have more courage, we can be helpers to prevent more disorder in our world.

Reflect onward, when the time comes on the other side of this overwhelming period, “Was I strong?” and “Did I do enough?”

As we move forward, continue to focus on your faith and continue to be productive in our world. For with adversity does come good. Though the pandemic, we have learned to thrive together even while apart. And with natural disasters, we have helped others through to the other side.

Through it all and with the Lord, humans are strong and resilient.

Lord hear our prayers! We need prayers of protection to be strong and courageous during this time. We lift up prayers of thanksgiving as we wait for you in all of your glory Lord!

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