Respecting All Life

By Charlotte Phillips

October is Respect Life Month. It often seems the only issue discussed and prayed for during this month is for an end to abortion. Abortion is an important life issue, but it is only one of the many that does not bring respect and dignity to human life.

In Gaudete et Exsultate, Pope Francis reminds us, “Our defense of the innocent unborn, for example, needs to be clear, firm and passionate, for at stake is the dignity of a human life, which is always sacred and demands love for each person, regardless of his or her stage of development. Equally sacred, however, are the lives of the poor, those already born, the destitute, the abandoned and the underprivileged, the vulnerable infirm and elderly exposed to covert euthanasia, the victims of human trafficking, new forms of slavery, and every form of rejection.” (Gaudete et Exsultate no 101).

Life does not stop being sacred after birth!

We teach our children about respecting all life when we send them to school. We teach them to be kind to their classmates because all life is sacred. We teach our children to be nice to everyone no matter if they are a boy or a girl, black or white, if they have brown hair or blonde hair, or if they are poor or rich.

As adults, it can be easy to turn a blind eye to injustices our fellow brothers and sisters face-I know I am guilty of this at times. Since we sometimes fail to notice the inequalities surrounding us, I invite you to join me in intentionally praying for those whose lives are not being respected. Pray for those struggling to provide basic needs for their families. Pray for the immigrant at the border. Pray for our Black and Brown brothers and sisters who are still being mistreated simply because of the color of their skin. Pray for those on death row. Pray for those considering euthanasia.

All lives are sacred and deserve to be honored and respected.

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