Focus on what is right

By Greg Zambrano

Many world issues are being discussed by people right now: Who is going to win the presidential election? When will this hurricane season end?

Twenty-one years ago, back in 1999, it was Y2K and the worry of computers crashing worldwide. Everyone was worried about their life savings – something they had worked so hard for – could disappear because of a computer program malfunction.

Are we really focused on what is important?

Yes, these previously mentioned issues are important, but shouldn’t we focus mainly on what really matters – the salvation of our souls?

While necessary to keep an alert watch on things that scare us, are we letting the world scare us with every sneeze or cough from our neighbor?

Keeping in mind that Our Lady has appeared in places all over the earth and has never said, “Save the planet” or “Be careful with certain Wall Street investments.”

She says, “Repent.” “Stop offending God. You have already offended God deeply.” “Go to confession, make reparations.” “Save yourselves before it is too late.”

St. Faustina speaks about Jesus’ message that people should run to his mercy because, after the hour of mercy is over, then comes his justice. After this concrete evidence of what God in heaven has as priority, we as a family must not lose focus. The entire family should work slowly, but steadily, in gaining faith through the sacraments.

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