Wake of Positivity

By Stacy LaMorte

I have always loved being on and around water; it is a form of rejuvenation for me. With the beautiful weather we have been having, we have been spending a lot of time boating as a family. I love sitting at the back of the boat and watching the wake that is made from the outboard motor. It is so steady, constant and reliably unchanging. It affects the water around it in a major way, causing churning and waves that continue even long after the boat has passed.

This can be an analogy for our lives and our actions. Our outboard motor can either affect those around us in a positive way or a negative way, and we are the only ones who can decide that.

If we ask God to be at the helm of our lives so that he can steer our thoughts, actions and deeds, we are much more likely to create a wake of positive action. Conversely, if we allow weakness and sinfulness to be at the helm of our lives, we are setting ourselves and those closest to us up for the same.

Action begets action, and when we model positive action for our families, we can hope to have it reciprocated. Even more exciting is when it creates a wake of positivity in our parishes, our communities and our world!

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