Christ’s Salvation

By Greg Zambrano

Some time ago, I was going through a stressful moment – the very common stresses of 2020: COVID 19, hurricanes, kids not behaving, people out of work, watching the news and seeing all the protest/destruction of our USA cities, health issues, too much going on.

To take my mind off of the worries, I took two blessed candles out of storage. I placed them in the center of a table in candle holders and prayed a rosary.

Sometime later, I dreamt that Jesus came towards me from behind and gave me a hug. With his arm over my shoulder, I no longer felt alone, afraid or overwhelmed.

Afterwards, I started using blessed candles more often, a pair in my house that was put away for years. I realized that these candles had a good purpose in my life, instead of just having them collect dust.

I do feel warmth and security by having one lit next to me. I had turned one on to sit, relax and take it easy after spending the day with a migraine. As I turned back over my left shoulder to see the candle shine brightly, I remembered the dream that I had.

Even though I was not in a church at the time, it reminded me of the promises of Christ’s salvation because it is a sacramental. It feels like Jesus is comforting me – solace in the midst of woe with Our Lady Comforter of the afflicted.

The candle being a sacramental has a strong connection to our Lord through the promises of the church. The faith within me let it catch on fire from the spark of the Holy Spirit.

Light immortal! Light Divine! Visit thou these hearts of thine. May this comforting light remind me of and bring me to Jesus, the true light.

May it be a small, warm preview to meeting Jesus one day when there will be no afflictions and hearing him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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