Parenting in the Time of Corona

By Casey Sprehe

Sleep train a baby – check

Potty train a toddler – check

Send a kid to school – check

Parent during a pandemic – ????

As a planner, I often prepare for my kids’ next phase of life. Honestly, it has been helpful in many aspects of parenting. Gleaming on wisdom of those who have gone before me, I have found valuable information on raising my children.

The chapter that was not written? How to parent in a pandemic.

Parenting during this time has been quite unique in its circumstances and approaches. With normal schedules and interactions erased, the parental playing field changed a bit I felt. Our norms were no longer. We forged a new path together and slowly figured out what worked for us. I think they have blossomed in several new ways.

The kids are learning new hobbies. I had the time and space to let them try and try again new and different things. I was able to just spend unrestricted time with them and let their hobbies blossom.

My oldest has become much more independent in the kitchen. It has been a joy to have her be able to cook and watch her take ownership in the kitchen. Another kid has learned how to ride a bike. At freshly 5, he is our youngest to learn on two wheels. And another has learned how to roller blade. The toddler has not learned how to stay in her room at naptime (that was her quarantine goal, but she is not one for goals like the rest of us apparently).

It has been great to see their confidence boosted with each new skill acquired.

As a family, we have taken more walks and bike rides than previously. Going outside to enjoy nature together has been so refreshing and simplistic.

The younger ones have had more unrestricted playtime with each other. At an age where playing with others is how they primarily learn; it has been gratifying to see them grow.

The older ones have established their own prayer times. It’s been beautiful to watch their prayer life take on a personal dimension. Their chore routines and family contributions have increased tremendously since the start of quarantine, making me appreciate these little co-workers of mine.

We have also had our share of conversations about disappointments and accepting the unexpected events of life.

I do not want to miss this moment that I feel God has carved out for us to grow individually and as a family. When I get frustrated with the current situation of things, I try to come back to this reminder of our family time. It is a gift – one that I pray I am present to.

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