Unfinished Business

By Charla Spalluto Misse

I believe that being a member of a Christian family means happily serving each other whenever possible.  As a parent and spouse, like me, you probably find that you are often called into “spontaneous service.”  That means frequent interruptions. 

My personality finds energy and strength when others need me, so I am nourished when I am able to help. Continuously being together as a family these past several months, however, had me feeling pretty disjointed.

At the end of the day, I was frequently feeling like my own prayerful thoughts were left unfinished. There were so many inspirations or good intentions that I meant to revisit or get started, but just wasn’t able. Before the pandemic, this wasn’t a problem for me.

I learned that, even though I offer up prayers throughout the day, I need time to devote focused energy on reflection and discernment. I realized that, for me, in this new situation, time to connect with God must be scheduled, not just placed on the daily “to do” list.

I have to set a specific time of day for prayer and ask my family to give me that time. I am so blessed that they respected my need and supported me in this new way of life. Indeed, it not only strengthens me but fortifies our family bond in faith.

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