The Gift of Siblings: Perfectly Planned

By Ana Borden

I have been extraordinarily blessed having three sisters. We know each other better than anyone else thanks to childhood adventures, inside jokes and seeing each other through all different seasons, challenges and experiences. We are there for each other’s birthdays, special events and in our children’s lives, even if it might be via technology because of distance or the pandemic.

As we exceed four months into our current environment, I have strived to work on focusing on the positive and the glimmer of hope that tomorrow will be better than the day before.

At the end of each day, as we pray together as a family, I can honestly say I have witnessed God’s intercession as our children’s relationships with each other have deepened through this chaotic time. They each have three playmates to play board games, toss the baseball around with, swim, cook and watch movies with, and yes, even argue with. It’s a reminder that God’s timing and love for each of them and in our marriage is truly a gift.

Countless times extended family, neighbors, friends and even strangers have asked if each of our children have been planned, questioned our family’s size and even mocked our “large” family. I believe that all of those questions, sleepless nights and sacrifices my husband and I have made was perfectly timed by God.

God’s timeline and design for our family is “perfect” including his conception of our personalities, strengths and weaknesses. He has perfectly designed our family so that we may take this life journey together and with each other.

When else have you witnessed God’s timing during COVID-19?

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