Creative ways to pray with little ones

By Kristen Bourgeois

I feel far from God when I don’t pray.  I love a good devotional book, my journal and an hour in the adoration chapel.  But being a stay at home momma with two littles, my prayer time has had to adjust, especially during this pandemic.

I still relish the alone time I get with the Lord, but I’ve gotten creative in my prayer life.  Here are some of the ways I’ve gotten creative:

1. There are ton of apps now that have an audio recorded rosary. I like to pray a decade at a time either in the car running errands or on walks with the kids.

2. Praise and worship music in the home. Sometimes it’s through Alexa and other times it’s with my husband at the guitar and the kids as background vocals.

3. I’ve even used nap time to my advantage. Especially during the pandemic. I put the kids in the car and let them nap as I sit outside the adoration chapel to pray.

4. Quick mental prayer throughout the day. Throwing up a prayer of gratitude or a petition for help can be as easy as a few words.

5. Grace and bedtime prayers. It’s amazing the number of prayers a toddler will pray to prolong going to sleep!

My life has changed much.  But God always meets me where I am.  Prayer doesn’t have to be long to be effective.

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