Good fruit

By Greg Zambrano

Last Sunday, we went to Mass. The Gospel reading was Matthew 13:1-23, “The parable of the sower”

In this parable, Jesus speaks about how we are all different, like the types of soils ready or not to receive nutrients which are the words of God. What ultimately gives us the strength to grow strong and produce good fruit?

This time around when I heard this parable, the priest spoke about how we could be different types of soils at different times – rocky soil with thorns nearby, seeds scattered and the birds eating them or good fertile soil.

We might desire to be the good soil, but we might end up being rocky soil and a few seeds sprout but with any roots that developed are scorched and wither away.

After Mass I asked my oldest child, what do you think would be the most difficult thing to do in life: Lifting weights and receiving the Olympic gold medal or walking all the way to the end of South America and back?

She told me, after hearing this homily – being good. I was thinking the exact same thing. We can’t give up. We must stay obedient and close to Jesus through his church and the sacraments if we want to be the good soil that yields good fruit.

We must place ourselves and maintain in the grace of God. A state of grace is the location where we are the best – rich soil that produces abundant good fruit.

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