Sacrifices Matter

By Megan Lacourrege

There has undoubtedly been a lot of disappointment at the number of activities that won’t happen this summer. The list is long: vacations, family get-togethers, birthday parties, camps, pool time and more.

Additionally, some families have a member who is immunocompromised, so everyone may feel an extra need to be cautious. Other families may be of relatively good health and feel an ability to branch out and do a bit more, perhaps leading to some frustration that more events and activities aren’t available.

No matter what group your family fits into, there are definitely going to be sacrifices this summer and for the foreseeable future. Both kids and parents may be feeling a strain. While easy solutions to counter the disappointment aren’t possible, there is one thing that is possible: to embrace the sacrifice.

When confronting the radical adjustments to our daily lives, it is crucial to remember that we are sacrificing for the good of all humanity but especially the least of these: those who are ill, vulnerable, the unborn and their mothers, and the elderly.

We know in our minds that we need to care for such people, but this is a real moment to put our beliefs into action. We are given the opportunity better secure their right to life by sacrificing in our very own lives, especially when we forego the things that we’ve waited all year to enjoy.

Whenever being called to sacrifice, consider allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel, whether that is frustration, anger or sadness. Then pray for the grace to accept this sacrifice, even amidst the difficult feelings.

Similarly, when confronting children who are facing disappointments, be willing to listen to their feelings.

Finally, take the opportunity to start a conversation about how all of our sacrifices certainly hurt but have a purpose, even if it is not our own families who will see the personal benefit of it. It is an invitation into the very life of Jesus, to sacrifice and not count the cost.

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