The Gift of Memory

By Ana Borden

Every night before bed we have gotten into a new routine of looking at pictures we had taken that day, and a year, two and upwards of 10 years ago on that specific date.

There is something so powerful about the sense of sight – it evokes so many emotions.

The children find so much joy seeing themselves and their siblings as infants, and they squeak in happiness as I tell them some of my favorite things when they were younger while sharing the background story of each photo – the funny, embarrassing and even sad moments, all captured with a simple click of a button.

The sense of sight is truly incredible, and I find myself especially thankful to end our days remembering the past, especially when I find myself more consumed with the future.

Often, we conclude with smiles and laughter but sometimes also tears while remembering beloved pets and moments of sadness. Their happiness and sense of security and acceptance is immensely important to me, but I also realize that not sharing photos of loved pets or that time they participated yet lost a competition or game is not a true reflection of our memories. Ignoring or glancing over these moments is not a reflection of the gift of sight and memory that God has bestowed upon us, because, if so, then why would God bless us with the gift of creating memories?

It’s only natural that while we are busy with our daily life, routines and responsibilities that we forget something from our past. The choices I made years, days and even nanoseconds before those memories were captured by a touch of a button are an album of the foundation of my values as well as my relationships with others while reminding me of God’s love for me.

I cherish looking at our family’s virtual photo album, even when a certain photo may evoke emotions of loss or great sadness; it is in these visual reminders that I am reminded through God’s grace, without even realizing it, that my eyes, heart and mind are always “open” as I strive to become a better version of myself.

What have you learned while making memories?

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