Discernment: A True Gift

By Megan Lacourrege

“Discernment.” As Catholics, we often use that word when talking about making big life decisions, especially regarding our vocations.

When deciding what we will vow ourselves to, prayerfully seeking God’s counsel is of course necessary.

Lately, though, I’ve been discovering just how much discernment is needed day-to-day within our vocations.

As parents, each day brings challenges and decisions. Some you know are coming, like “How do I handle my toddler’s tantrums today?” Some are entirely unpredictable, such as “What sort of activities can my children do this summer considering the pandemic?”

Often, I’ve seen these little everyday questions and struggles as something I need to work out on my own. Then, I feel pressured to devise the perfect solution by myself. However, when I step back, I can see this is craziness.

How can I come up with any answers without first consulting God? Haven’t I tried relying on myself and failed, not just in fixing things but loving others virtuously?

We are imperfect human beings, yet, in God’s grace, we are called to lead our families regardless. To help us, God has gifted us with the ability to discern. Discernment is taking the time to pray and reflect.

It is not feeling the need to make hasty decisions or to panic. It is patiently listening for God’s direction. If God guided us to the vocation of marriage through discernment, why would he not continue to guide us through the sacrament by the same means?

God has the answers and longs to be a part of our daily decision making. If only we can invite him in!

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