Finding God in the Ordinary

By Charlotte Phillips

I don’t know about you, but there have been moments in my life where I expected God to make himself known in a huge, knock-me-over-the-head, grand gesture kind of way.

I remember being on a retreat and crying out to God, begging God to speak to me. Thankfully, I opened the ears of my heart just wide enough to hear a whisper-and in that moment was reminded that God is with me always. God doesn’t have to make himself known in a huge, over the top gesture – God is all around.

While I love being able to go on retreats, and I love being able to experience God in Mass, we can experience God in the ordinary, everyday moments of our life, too. As St. Ignatius of Loyola said, we can “find God in all things.”

I find God in my daughter’s face as she carefully places sandwiches and the exact same number of crackers and blueberries on her and her brother’s plates for lunch. I find God in my oldest son as he pushes his youngest brother on the swing.

I see God in the pure joy of our 4-year-old as he creates a city out of magnet blocks. I experience God in a beautiful day as I feel the breeze sweep across my face.

While our God may be extraordinary, we can experience God in the everyday, ordinary moments of our life.

Where have you experienced God today?

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