By Charla Spalluto Misse

I have an older friend with whom I correspond by email.  Just before he left New Orleans to retire in his native country, we had dinner together. This special friend recently wrote to me that he was always sorry he didn’t offer me any good advice at our last dinner when I had shared a problem.

I was surprised to hear this! Today, many years later, I can’t tell you what that problem was. I can tell you, however, my recollection of that dinner was a feeling quite the opposite of being let down. On the contrary, I was uplifted feeling the comfort and support of a true friend. Indeed, I was always grateful for that time spent truly connecting, listening and laughing.  I didn’t need an answer to my problem. All I really needed was the presence of a true friend.

At times, it seems we have no answer to a problem. God is allowing us to pass through challenges so that we become stronger in our faith and trust in Him.  God promises to give us all that we need. And sometimes, God sends his grace in the form of a friend.    

When you find a friend in need, take the time to listen even if you don’t have the answers.  Your presence alone may be the answer to their prayers.

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