Noise Reduction

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Last winter, I visited my sister in New York City.  Because I expected long wait times for plane boarding and during travel, I brought prayer cards and my rosary to spend my free time in reflection.  I also had a few chances to walk the big city streets alone; each time I stepped out into the street, I started a rosary.  Surprisingly, I finished not one decade the entire trip!

The constant barrage of sights and sounds were so distracting to me. Despite my best intentions and even my need for a connection with the Lord, I found myself largely unable to pray. Even at night, I could hear the sounds of the city and still feel the rush of the crowds from earlier in the day.    

I am sure others are more acclimated to commotion than I and have no trouble centering their thoughts, blocking out the world. It was very hard for me.

I have thought back on that several times. Now I recognize there seem to be distractions and noise all around, constantly.  How can a person find spiritual focus with so much noise?

Today, I thought of an answer: the adoration chapel.  So many times I have made an effort to connect with God only to be distracted by life.  By physically retreating to the adoration chapel, even for 15 minutes, I am able to silence the world so that I may open my ears and my heart to God’s will. In this simple act, I am able to offer myself to the one who made the ultimate offering for me.

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