Sharing the Blessing

By Jenny Dendinger

Most Holy Trinity Parish in Covington recently paired with CRC Global Solutions to distribute a truckload of food to the needy during this time of crisis. Since my sister-in-law knew we could use the help, she generously offered to go wait in line.

When she pulled into my driveway, every spot in her SUV that wasn’t occupied by a child was overflowing with food. We unloaded and unloaded until my porch and walkway were covered in groceries. After looking at all we had, she took a few things for her family and then went on her way to share the blessing with her parents.

As she drove away, we stared at what was left. There was still so much food!

My little ones ran inside squealing over the “fancy” lunch of premade sandwiches and yogurt cups I offered from the pile, and my daughter and I got to work sorting the rest. We set some things aside for our family and prepared a small bag for my parents, but a mountain of food remained. We decided that setting up a blessing table in our yard would be the perfect way to share the surplus.

About an hour later, a friend messaged me and asked if the church had anything left to give out. Since it was well after lunch, I assumed the truck was empty. I sent her my address instead.

By the end of the day, eight families were blessed by the groceries we were given, and while the table in our yard was empty by dinnertime, we were more than willing to fill it again if we heard that someone else was in need.

My husband’s work might be slow, but God continues to provide for us, so we will continue sharing what we have with others. As Father Rodney Bourg, pastor at Most Holy Trinity always reminds us, “God will never let us outdo him in generosity.”

If you are able, please reach out to those that are struggling. During this time of uncertainty and financial crisis, let’s all share a meal, even if we can’t sit down together to enjoy it.

Jenny Dendinger is a Louisiana native who married her high school sweetheart, Buddy, after he stole her heart at their neighborhood bus stop over 20 years ago. She currently spends her days perpetually reheating her coffee while clinging to “Mama Mary” for help as she homeschools their five children. Because big family life is always full of surprises, she is a firm believer in the vital refreshment that results from continuing to date her husband. She is also known to appreciate the comfort of her daddy’s Monday night red beans, the thrill of hunting for treasure at garage sales and the satisfaction of a sweet victory on family game night. While her house has all the familiar traits of a homeschooling family – hopelessly messy and overflowing with books – her favorite lessons involve putting aside their formal work and going beyond the walls of their home to put their faith into action. Even though it isn’t always easy, Jenny constantly strives to live simply, speak truthfully, give generously and pray unceasingly.

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