National Day of Prayer

By Kim Roberts

Recently, we observed a National Day of Prayer across the country where we were encouraged to pray for those who have been impacted by COVID-19.

A Louisiana politician that I follow on Facebook appealed to his constituents with a post telling them that the National Day of Prayer is “a call to come together as a nation, a community of faith and pray for those that are suffering in our communities.”

Who would not support that, right? I liked the post immediately, then made the mistake of reading some of the remarks. I was astonished by the vile comments. Though I shouldn’t be, as my kids are continuously is reminding me Facebook a hot bed of contention where no one is held accountable for their comments.

They also urge me NOT to participate in the discussions. Well, I was compelled to respond to one gentleman who was submitting post after post about the uselessness of prayer and that this politician should not force people to pray.

I thought carefully about my choice of words, for a change, and calmly responded “No one is forcing you to pray, but for me and my house we will pray.”

I immediately knew he was looking for a fight by his goading remarks. I kept calmly responding that we are all free to choose to pray or not to pray. Regardless of our religion, prayer can only help our current situation.

His last remark to me was a blasphemous reference to a Satanic prayer as an example of the praying he would do. I just replied, we are all free to pray as we choose and will be held accountable in the end and wished him peace.

He stopped responding. I knew I should not have participated, but I truly could not help myself. I received one lone comment that meant the world to me. A sweet lady thanked me for my remarks and said she appreciated my cool-headed, Christ-like comments and was proud of me.

I take that as a sign – prayers matter.

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  1. Amen Sister In Christ!

    I think I will include that fellow in my nightly prayers. Sounds like he needs Jesus in his life!

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