God’s Creativity

By Mary Bruno

One of my favorite things about God’s creation is the incredible array of colors he has given us. Stepping outside during different seasons gives us a front row view of thousands of hues and vibrancies that are pleasing to both the eye and the spirit. The diversity and beauty of God’s creativity is just as apparent in the different gifts he has given each of us.

There are as many varieties of personalities, appearances and talents among humans as there are colors in a paint store – and thank God! Our differences make us interesting and allow us to connect and learn from each other, but they are also meant to help us serve each other. Because we relate differently to each other and the world, it is good for us to embrace our uniqueness as we live out our Christianity. Someone is always watching.

Infertility initially brought a lot of sadness into my life, but it also cultivated many abilities revealing God’s creativity within me that I didn’t even know were there. One of these is the skill of writing lyrics and rapping. Many associate rapping with vulgarity, but it is possible to glorify God and uplift people through music by choosing the right words after giving the Holy Spirit the pen.

Although I have always connected with the beats in this type of music, it wasn’t until I had such deep pain to write about that my lyrics came alive and helped me to express what I was going through.

Performing was cathartic for me and hopefully for others. As my confidence became elevated, so did my content, as I pushed myself to improve and add interesting songs about the Holy Family and the Eucharist to my list.

I can’t wait to record these and share them with anyone else who can identify with suffering and the joy of Christ.

This may not be your typical kind of evangelization, but it may be the only way some people will connect with God and find faith. Even the most amazing talents we witness in the world have come from God’s fingertips, and we can choose to use our own gifts for good. Sometimes that requires thinking outside of the box.

I hope to encourage my own daughter to explore all of her gifts as she grows and am excited to see how God’s creativity is displayed through her!

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