Stop Thinking You Can Control Everything

By Gaby Smith

I like to take control. I like to make sure everything around me is rightfully in its place, but when it came to Easter this year, I lost it. I saw pictures of people on social media posting with their grandparents. I was shocked. I would do anything to spend Easter with my 93-year-old grandfather. I was jealous but upset.

Have we not been seeing the stay-at-home mandate on the news? Have we not been seeing the most vulnerable population needs to be kept safe?

After pitching a small fit to myself, I realized I couldn’t control that person. I couldn’t control their actions. I could only control myself.

It’s tough seeing other peoples’ action online, especially when you don’t agree with them. I’m waiting for everything to slowly start going back to normal so my husband can travel for work again, for my son to be reunited with his friends from school and for all of us to see our families again.

I’m waiting for the day that this disease is a chapter in a history book.

Every little moment that I don’t have control, God is trying to bring me closer to him, and boy has he brought me closer to him! Every day during this pandemic is a new trial, a new headache but a new grace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my son has been so cooperative, loving and understanding with closures and the occasional boredom at home. I’m grateful to still go to work and provide for my family. I’m grateful I can participate in the sacraments of our faith virtually.

Lord, thank you. God has a plan. We must trust!

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