Happy April Birthday

By Kim Roberts

So, here we are smack in the middle of the new normal, making all the adjustments necessary to keep our families safe. Where as most days social distancing is easy enough to accomplish, it took a bit of getting used to. But, in reality, it is not really that hard to put into practice.

It’s not the day-to-day activities that are overly difficult; it’s the milestones and special occasions that are now out of our hands. Yet, we have to find a way to salvage them.

One such example is anyone having a birthday in April. This happens to apply to me and my youngest daughter. I will be just fine, no need to make a fuss; I’m just getting older and have had plenty of celebrations.

But, my daughter is turning 15, and we need to mark this milestone – even if it is just with the four of us. I’ve racked my brain on how to make this day special – ordered birthday gifts from Amazon and found birthday plates and napkins in the house; my son is making her favorite meal. I was able to order her favorite Doberge cake to be delivered; family members are going to Facetime to celebrate.

By God’s grace, it will be a wonderful memory for her. I have to put this in God’s hands and remember what is important – our family will be joined together celebrating this sweet young lady’s special day.

Not the celebration we originally planned, but the milestone will be marked by those that love her the most.

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