A Multimedia Holy Week

By Casey Sprehe

Holy Week is here. In our family, we see Holy Week as the final push in Lent. It’s the last 1/2 mile of the Crescent City Classic. It’s our chance as a family to recommit ourselves to our Lenten penances and up our sacrificial game so to speak. There are several ways we do this. The way I’d like to share today surrounds media.

This COVID Lent has us watching Mass, stations, holy hours and praise and worship sets on our TV. It is a unique Lent for sure!

During Holy Week, we have the TV on very little. If we do, our family has chosen to make it liturgically align with Holy Week.

Here are some shows that help us do that: 

On Amazon Prime: “Read and Share Bible-Easter”; “At Jesus’ Side” or “Lion of Judah.”

On Rightnow Media (several of these are on Jelly Telly as well): “Super Book”  Season 2, episode 11 “Peter Denial”; Season 1, episode 10, ”Last Supper”; Season 1, episode 11, “He is Risen”; Bible Forces episode 12, “Crucifixion”; Episode 13, “Jesus Rises”; Little Bible Heroes, episode 3, “Easter”; Adventures of Donkey Ollie, episode 1, “Journey to Jerusalem”; “Jesus: Messiah, Teacher,” King episodes 13-16: episode 13, “Palm Sunday,” episode 14 “Holy Thursday,” episode15 “Good Friday” and episode 16 “Easter Sunday”; “Greatest Heroes of the Bible,” episode 12, “Last Supper”; “Easter Week Jelly Telly Devotionals” for families: 5 minute devotional for each day of Holy Week.

On EWTN: “My Time with Jesus: Way of the Cross for Kids”; “The Donkey No Man Could Ride”

Other notables: “A Very Veggie Easter Collection and The Prince of Egypt”

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