Let’s Make Charity Go Viral

By Mary Bruno

Covid-19 is the 2020 party crasher no one anticipated. These are no doubt unusual and unprecedented times calling for mass individual quarantines and causing some widespread panic.

Part of the fear caused by this “invisible” enemy is due to how easily it is spread. Scientists state that it could be passed from one person to another by simply inhaling droplets in the air that have been somehow expelled from an infected individual.

The ease of becoming contaminated is our new temporary reality, and, for me, this idea brought to mind a different more pleasing reality.

Many times, what we see in the physical world is a representation of what’s happening in the spiritual world, and vice versa. For example, the sacraments each have some physical reality which represents the action taking place spiritually.

Something as simple as a smile from a stranger or kind words can brighten our day and make internal changes to our mood. Although the spread of this virus can be very scary, I believe that the love of Jesus is even more contagious. With this mindset, we can plan to spread joy and hope to others just as easily.

Although the hoarding of toilet paper is also apparent, I have alternatively been incredibly encouraged to see extremely charitable responses by a bountiful number of individuals and organizations during this time of need.

Multiple grocery stores have added hours privileged for senior citizens who are at higher risk. Famous museums are offering virtual tours. Restaurants are providing free meals for healthcare workers. People are offering free online art classes. Some companies are serving children with temporarily free access to online learning. Family members are visiting their loved ones in nursing homes by window when possible; some are delivering groceries to seniors in their homes.

U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to college students. Free meals are being provided for children who are off of school. Healthcare workers are becoming even bigger heroes, and these are just the actions I am aware of.

I was even strangely touched by the kind gesture of Disney Plus making Frozen 2 available early. My 3-year-old daughter agrees.

Yes, these are certainly difficult and unpredictable times, but it is also an opportunity to be Jesus to our neighbors and open our eyes to countless acts of kindness that should bring smiles to our faces and warm our hearts. Of all the things that are contagious on our planet, let’s make charity go viral.

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  1. Hi robin,
    Thanks for reading NOLA Catholic Parenting. I hope you like the observations our 17 bloggers have. As far as churches being closed, many are open and practicing social distancing. While I don’t know times of all our parishes, the pastors are celebrating Mass as well as inspirational videos (some daily) online either on their parish website or parish Facebook account and are offering sacraments by drive-by (due to social distancing mandated by the Governor of Louisiana it’s the only way to do it) or individually sometimes and guidance on the phone. For a complete list of churches that are celebrating Mass online please visit: https://nolacatholic.org/news/taking-mass-online

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