When you least expect It; reminding others of his presence

By Ana Borden

Our youngest surprises me with the most tender gestures on a daily basis. He puts the needs of everyone else around him first in the most genuine and unexpected moments, especially when he pauses, looks at me and says, “I love you, MaMa.”  

Each and every time, as my soul softens with tenderness, I marvel at his timing – a gift from God – as often times it is preceded, unbeknownst to him, by moments of frustration, confusion or uncertainty I have experienced during the day.

It is amazing how God chooses these moments, almost as if he whispered in his ear, so to reveal himself and remind me of his goodness. It is moments like these I experience his virtue of love after experiencing moments of disappointment with the world around me, and it encourages me to continue doing his work, which is putting my loved ones and my neighbor’s needs before my own, even when I witness and experience the opposite.

So, what if we took a moment or a few minutes to stop and surprise those around us with a sign of support or affection when they least expect it? It could be through the act of sharing our talents, maybe dropping off a meal to a growing family, extending an invitation, creating handmade cards of thanksgiving, doing extra chores around the house, offering to watch little ones, helping with a child’s homework or with sharing with genuine affection these profound three words, “I love you.”

What are some other examples on how to reveal God’s love and presence to others when they least expect it?

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