Do Unto Others …

By Stacy Lamorte

I feel safe in saying that all of us have had a time when our child felt left out, isolated or ostracized from their friends. It is not easy to watch.

We knew the best advice we could give our child was to look for someone else at school who may be in the same situation you are in. Look for someone who needs a good friend just as much as you do.

I knew that it was divinely-inspired advice, because my child came home that day and said that it made a difference!

This is true in our lives as adults as well. Have you spent too much time on social media and it feels like everyone else’s life is more exciting/romantic/elaborate, etc., than yours is? 

Try taking some time to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen to help you out of this pity party. If you don’t have the time to do this, just be aware of those you encounter throughout your day and ask God to help you make a difference in their lives.

Loving our neighbors and teaching our children to as well is the only way out of the dungeon of self. 

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