It Takes Two to Tango

By Mary Bruno

As a Creighton Model Practitioner Intern, I often get a unique and somewhat intimate glimpse into the lives of many couples. Although it’s not as frequent as one might hope, one of the most touching things I get to witness is the man taking a particular interest in the fertility of the woman he loves. 

Recently, I had a client who opened up about how her boyfriend (whom she hopes to marry) “stole” her Intro book and became completely engaged in reading about the science behind her fertility. One night he interrupted dinner with frequent questions, which inspired her to grab her chart and explain a few things to him. He even bragged to his family that she is already learning NFP to gain an understanding of her health.

How cute is that?

She shared how unique this was because it was unheard of to talk about “this stuff” in her family with men. It made her feel special. All of God’s designs are masterpieces. The woman’s menstrual cycle is no exception, and the admiration of its beauty is not reserved for women alone. 

Generally speaking, men are always fertile. But women are at most times infertile. Therefore, the couple is at most times infertile. It doesn’t make sense to think of a woman’s fertility in isolation when it comes to a married couple’s.

It is the couple who comes together as one during intercourse, and the couple’s combined fertility that co-creates new life with God. 

Because the purpose of each act of intercourse is to unite husband and wife and to be open to life, it is good for both man and woman to understand their combined fertility – which includes the woman’s cycle in all of its glory. Her cycles tell a daily story of what is going on inside of her body and whether or not intercourse is likely to result in a child. 

Our fertility is a significant part of ourselves. To fully know our spouse means to take an interest in his or her whole person, to learn about how his/her fertility works, to understand what each day means in her chart, to be able to determine if each individual day is fertile or not, and to mutually implement method instructions according to intentions to avoid or achieve pregnancy. 

This is one of the many benefits to the health of a marriage a couple gains by choosing NFP/Fertility Awareness.

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