Carry On

By Charla Spalluto Misse

The NolaCatholicParenting writers all have such uplifting and positive outlooks.  In writing and in person, they are so amazing to me: role models for keeping their faith foremost. It is easy to see that they “let go and let God.” I marvel at their relentless pursuit of God’s design and their insightful perspectives.

I’ve also seen that weightless look of happiness in many religious (nuns, priests).  Some of them can make it look so easy. They put it all into God’s most capable hands and trust in Jesus’ limitless mercy. They are inspiring witnesses to the faith for whom I am so grateful.    

I wonder if anyone has seen such peaceful surrender in my eyes. I know I have felt it. For me, though, it is fleeting. I have to constantly keep guard.

So many times, I feel tired and defeated, on the brink of giving up, even convincing myself that it must be God’s desire for me to stop. That is most often when I feel a jolt: Is it really God pulling me down?

I simply ask myself if what I was working so hard to accomplish is for me or for God.  If it is for God or to serve others, then I resolve to continue to fight. I will persevere.   

I have a feeling those whom I admire so much most likely encounter strong adversity as well. I can’t know what battles they face, but perhaps my sharing this with you will give you strength to carry on.

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