Why We “Have Faith in Catholic Schools”

By Sarah McDonald

I went to Catholic school. My entire family went to Catholic school. Same for my husband. Growing up it was odd to me when someone didn’t go to Catholic school, and I bet for many of you readers it was the same growing up in the metro New Orleans area.

Catholic schools are commonplace and for everyone here. When you learn as you grow-up that is not the case everywhere, you feel blessed that it was for you.

Now that we have our own children, my husband and I have chosen Catholic school for our them. We love the tradition, the uniforms, the expectations, but most of all we love that our children learn about our faith and are able to put it into practice each and every day.

No doubt, a Catholic school education is an investment, and, for us with five children, it is a huge annual investment. But, it is worth it because we “have faith in Catholic schools.”

We know the record of success for Catholic school graduates. We know our children are safe, loved and cherished as child of God. We know that our children are learning, and as their minds are being formed, their hearts are being formed as well.

We have faith in Catholic schools because faith is shared and celebrated there and no matter what else, we know that the morals and values we are teaching them at home are being reinforced at school.

I first heard the phrase, “have faith in Catholic schools” a few years ago and was blessed enough to be part of the team that have made it a rallying cry for our NOLACatholic schools.

So now, tell me, readers, do you “have faith in Catholic schools”? Let me know by using the hashtag #HaveFaithinCatholicSchools and sharing your reasons why!

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