The Beauty of Paying Attention

By Gaby Smith

We’ve all been there. It’s 6:30 at night, we’re exhausted, dinner isn’t ready, and we just want to go to bed and put a long day behind us.

Then all of a sudden, your child runs up to you, begging you to watch him do a magic trick he learned, look at a Lego helicopter he just built or listen to his stories about his day.

In your mind you want to say, “Don’t you know I’m tired?” You put a smile on your face and give him your time. You cheer for his magic trick; you awe at his Lego helicopter and sit down and listen to his day at school.

These are the moments that mean the world to him. He leaves with a smile on his face, knowing you paid attention.

Children want to feel loved, appreciated and heard. They want to feel like someone is taking the time to notice them.

My son is the biggest extrovert you’ve ever met, so quality time is his love language. It’s the beauty of paying attention and spending time with your child. Sometimes taking five minutes to listen to your child is just what they need. They’ve had a long day, too. They just have more energy.

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