“Magnifikid” Review: Why we are Obsessed!

By Gaby Smith

For my son’s birthday, one of my colleagues gave him a subscription to “Magnifikid.” It’s a child’s version of the “Magnificat” you see once a month with all of the Mass readings and daily prayers. We are obsessed with “Magnifikid.”

My son found it hard to follow along in the Mass and understand. Each Mass, we would do our best to explain, but he couldn’t quite understand, yet. He’s small, so I didn’t expect much, but I did try every week.

“Magnifikid” brings each Sunday Mass to life with colorful words, pictures and prayers to help your child follow along. It explains what the Gospel means, certain prayers and why we do certain things in Mass. It’s magnificent!

My son looks forward to his subscription to “Magnifikid” every month. Oddly enough, it keeps him focused!

I would highly recommend this to any parent who wants to teach the Mass and our faith to their child.

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