The Sound of Joy: Attending Your Child’s School Mass

By Ana Borden

There are a few things that bring me great joy in life, and one of them is listening to a church filled with children singing, especially the “Alleluia.”Once a month, I slip away from the busyness of work to join our children in their school Mass. Regardless if they are sitting with me, enjoying the Mass alongside their “church buddy” or in the school choir, there is that amazing moment when the entire congregation of young students stands up to hear the Gospel and starts singing, along with hand motions, “Alleluia.”

It is truly a special minute in the Mass that reminds me that I need to work harder every day for their future, to speak up when I witness injustice and defend our values as parents teaching our children to be more Christlike to each other and in today’s world.

I think it is important that we join and have a presence in our children’s school Mass and make the effort during the school year to join their school praising God.

On the days I attend I leave even more rejuvenated and happier, despite any current concerns in my life, knowing that God filled the church with voices of children as a reminder of one of our most important jobs.

That ongoing job is to help nourish and inspire our children to live their Catholic faith. I leave with such hope for the remainder of the day and the days to follow that good will triumph over evil and that they are the future of our faith and of the Catholic Church.

Do you attend your children’s school Mass? How often do you attend?

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