Kids say the most humorous things!

By Kristy Solis

One night, as a family, as we were driving past a cemetery.  My oldest daughter pointed at the cemetery and said, “Is that where we are going?” Without missing a beat, my husband exclaimed, “Eventually, one day we will all go to a cemetery!” with a chuckle.

My daughter said, “No, is that where we are going for the lighting of the crèche later?” As parents, we laughed until we could catch our breath. Then, we told our daughter, “We are going to the seminary for the lighting of the crèche.”

As if what my daughter said previously was not comical enough, she responded, “Can we drive to a seminary?” like it was some faraway land.

Probably, just a case that her thoughts were not clear, she had indeed been to this particular seminary before. Of course, more laughter followed, the entire car was filled with a joyful family in this moment.

Since this funny event occurred, we cannot drive by a cemetery without giggling.

This serves as a reminder that God is a God of laughter as well as of sorrow. Thus, the Lord provides for us through the lowest of valleys as well as the highest of the mountain tops.

I hope this story puts a smile on your face and a little joy in your heart.

Do you have any stories to share or stories that come to your mind related to your children’s most humorous thoughts?

Let us pray, “Lord provide us with laughter not just for self-seeking reasons, but to emit joy and to share joy with others. Laughter really is the best medicine to balance the sorrows of life.”

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