A Simple Way to Help Your Children Cultivate Thoughtfulness & Compassion

By Courtney Elmer

“Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck” is one of my son’s favorite songs, and when one flies past us down the highway with sirens blaring, you better believe you’ll see a huge smile come across his face.

But as you and I both know, sirens and flashing lights usually don’t bring smiles, at least not for the people who those sirens are blaring for.

That’s why whenever we hear a siren blaring, we stop whatever we’re doing and lift up a quick prayer for those in need. My son is barely 2, so he’s too young to comprehend why or for whom we’re praying. But as he gets older, I do hope that small acts of kindness and simple prayers like these help to cultivate the virtues of thoughtfulness and compassion.

Even more importantly, I hope that they help him to develop the habit of always looking out for and being considerate of others.

In fact, next time you hear a siren, consider sending up a prayer for that person in need and include your kids in the practice if you don’t do so already.

It’s like a drop of water in a big ocean – a small act that creates a positive ripple and extends far beyond what our human eyes can see.

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