Happy Birthday

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Around my birthday each year, I start a mental assessment of my life. I think back to where I was last year and progress through the year in my mind.

I review the things that took my time and attention. I think about how I used my energy and about my level of health and happiness each month, during certain activities and surrounded by different people.

More specifically, I start to think about how rewarding my efforts were and whether I made the best use of my God-given talents. Will I repeat certain activities or is it time I redirected my energy? I try to discern where I am being called.

Sometimes, I find that an activity, a devotion or a habit was especially meaningful, but was forgotten as my attention was drawn to other things. I am grateful and happy to have remembered such things so that I can joyously return to them.

By remembering all the “little” things that made me and others happy, I resolve to do them again, perhaps with deeper mindfulness.

This year, as I thought about my life, I decided to give myself a few birthday gifts. I found special ways to let others know that “THEY” were a “birthday gift” to me. It’s something I had not done before but it made me extremely happy, and now I would like to do this every year.

Taking time to reflect on the year gives me a renewed energy and focus. It inspires me to let go of superfluous concerns and to deeply cherish blessings (which come in many guises).

It also reminds me to thank God for giving me life. A life that is ultimately his. And without whom, I could achieve nothing.

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