Appreciating Our Designer’s Handiwork

By Mary Bruno

Natural Family Planning (NFP) means different things to different people. Our understanding of this natural and Church-approved way to space out children often depends on the depth at which it was discussed in one’s church parish.

But NFP goes far beyond the doors of our house of worship.

God has designed a woman’s body beautifully. It is intricate, and its processes are intentional. Everything has a purpose.

Understanding the workings of one of God’s many masterpieces is not just a matter of comprehending when a couple is fertile, but a matter of health. It is one amazing ability to be able to determine days of fertility and infertility, but it is something truly special to appreciate the design of the “artist!”

Our artist has gifted us with an impeccable design that gives us information about the health of our fertility, which is intimately connected with our overall health. Effectively determining a couple’s fertile window is a natural extension of this body literacy.

While this information is vital for every married couple to live out God’s plan for their family through good discernment, an appreciation for his design is not limited to those wearing wedding rings.

NFP often gets a bad rep. Maybe a better and more encompassing term is “Fertility Awareness.” Every woman, regardless of reproductive age, can benefit from an awareness of her fertility as it applies to her health.

There are many different depths at which a woman can be taught this valuable information. A young teenager can track the beginning and end of each menstrual cycle, as well as any other symptoms she observes. As she ages and her priorities change, a deeper level of understanding becomes more important.

Fortunately, there are multiple different Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) to choose from. Finding the one that fits best into the life of the individual is key to learning and maintaining a natural method long-term.

Furthermore, if, at any age, a woman experiences unwanted symptoms related to fertility, the Creighton Model FABM combined with its medical extension of NaProTechnology provides a truly unique opportunity to heal the whole woman through authentic healthcare.

This is the power of NFP or Fertility Awareness. Our designer was incredibly generous to give us this ability to monitor and maintain our own procreative and gynecological health. Transcending religion, marital status and age, NFP truly is an appreciation of God and his beautiful creation.

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