A Special Place for Santa

By Kristy Solis

The Christmas season has arrived. Most families have traditions that are cherished annually every Christmas season.

One of the many Christmas traditions in our family is reading of Christmas books, which have been collected as a family through the years. My girls are still young; therefore, a part of their bedtime routine is that we read to them every night. Now that the Christmas season is upon us, I asked my daughters “Which book is your favorite Christmas book?”

My oldest daughter without hesitation stated, “A Special Place for Santa!” This story combines two symbols of Christmas, Jesus, which is the reason for the season, and Santa, which is St. Nicholas. The legend intertwines the sacred relationship of Jesus and St. Nicholas.

My daughter loves this story so much that she started her own tradition of placing the ornament of Santa kneeling by baby Jesus under her personal tree in her bedroom. The significance of this story is when Santa kneels on his knees over baby Jesus, this is “A Special Place for Santa.” For our faith, this story lays the foundation of the communion of Saints.

Then, it was my youngest daughter’s turn. I asked her “Which book is your favorite Christmas book?” My youngest daughter said, “The Bible!” This was not a surprise, even though she is only 4 years young, she reads the Bible every night. She loves all of the stories and how we relate them to life, especially with beliefs about baby Jesus and Christmas.

For your family, “Which book is your favorite Christmas book?”

Through this Christmas season and beyond, let us pray to St. Nicholas, so kind and good, to please pray for us to live for God in all we do and say.

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