Words Do Speak Louder

By Ana Borden

What if everyone paid attention to the words they used and the message they conveyed during conversations, in emails and social media posts? What if we took a deep breath and paused to think about how our words and message will affect others, especially during moments of anger, confusion and hate.

What if …

Our words have imprints and a ripple effect with those meant, or not meant, to hear or read them.

I realize that my words, and actions, can be used to bring happiness or pass along the opposite effect based on my attitude or experiences at that moment, day or even week. This is why I ask, during prayer, that God remind me to pause and, most importantly, to think before I speak.

Even as an adult, I continue to learn and notice more intently how my words can be used for the positive or for the worse. And, I intentionally try my best to use better adjectives and inflections to avoid miscommunication and deliver remarks with the best of intentions because no one wants to feel otherwise.

I also realize from experience that if someone is conveying a short temper or hurtful words that a recent experience might be causing their emotions. So, when strangers or loved ones respond as such, I pray for patience, understanding and guidance on how to respond.

But, when it comes to writing, I believe God gives us this ability so we can slow down our thoughts, process our emotions and choose words and a message with more intent. When it comes to putting pen on paper, or in today’s age, fingers on the keyboard, let us pray for guidance to write accurate news, authentic values and language that bring positivity as well as a message conveying love, understanding and truth because at the end of the day, words do speak louder.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – St. Mother Teresa


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