God’s Landscape is a Beautiful Thing

By Gaby Smith

There are moments where I step outside and see the Lord through the trees, the mighty Mississippi River and the faint sound of a guitar at a park. God is truly present in these joyous moments.

My favorite places where I truly feel the Lord’s presence is at the beach. There’s something about the beach that makes me truly go back to the humbleness that is the Lord. I truly feel him showing me his creation. I’m relaxed, calm and at peace.

I find this to be true in a hike in the mountains. Seeing the snow caps on a mountain range or the array of forests growing in waves against the curvature of the range, has me feeling thankful to everything the Lord has created.

Yes, there is turmoil, stress and destruction in the world, but God reminds me that beauty is everywhere.

When I’m not a mess – in my home or in the adoration chapel – he reminds me through nature that he is present.

He reminds me the beauty of the Earth and the calmness of his presence. His creation is beautiful.

Take a hike in the mountains, go to the beach or sit by the Mississippi River and take it in. God created the beauty around you.

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