Gathering strength for the next generation

By Greg Zambrano

So many families struggle to stay together. Families at this current point in time are at their last straw.

Countless children have their future in uncertainty because of marriages that are falling apart.

Reaching out to your faith in God will guide you on the right path. Standing strong on the rock of Jesus Christ will help you persevere to save your marriage and better your children’s future.

By being close to your faith, receiving the sacraments regularly and praying for humility, there is hope.

We need to learning from our Lord, Jesus Christ, to die of ourselves like a grain of wheat so we may bear much fruit.

This means that we must also take up our cross and die for Christ daily.

Let us die of our selfishness, our anger, our lack of trust and pride by asking for forgiveness from our neighbor, but most importantly in the sacrament of confession.

At the same time, we should keep in mind not to stay in physically abusive relationships.

We ask St. Michael to defend us from the wickedness and snares of the devil in his famous prayer. Let us resemble Christ with humility – a virtue that Satan cannot imitate.

When families are not getting along, a change must take place. Let the change start with me and you by self-sacrifice to God. It’s a concept that needs to be rediscovered and implemented in society to help bring families closer.

Families can become closer with peace in our hearts and fruitful communication standing firm with Christ.

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