Natural Ability

By Charla Spalluto Misse

My second-grader was given the assignment of writing a science report on an animal or plant living in a pond habitat.  After going through an extensive list of possibilities, more time consuming than the report itself, my son chose to report on the minnow.

I thought to myself it could be a challenge to write an interesting report on nothing but a small fish …  I was wrong!

Among other fascinating biological features, I was surprised to learn that pond minnows are intelligent and social. They shoal rather than school, which means they behave and move independently while socializing with other minnows, exploring their surroundings, foraging for food and escaping danger.

Moreover, they have the impressive ability to remain calm and carry on while in the presence of a predator – only darting away when the predator is about to attack.  In many experiments, scientists observed the minnows’ ability to sense imminent danger from a variety of foes.

This inspired me to think, if God were to give these marvelous natural abilities to such a seemingly “small” creature, how much more would he give to us, those created in his image and dearly loved by him.

In this world, we are surrounded by the enemy.  I found, in the smallest fish, the confidence, strength and inspiration to remain calm and carry on, while keeping my senses sharp and remaining vigilant!

God blesses us with an abundance of awe-inspiring, natural displays of beauty, ability and cunning.  May we be moved to uncover our personal, God-given strengths and strive to discern their purpose in serving Almighty God. 

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