Peace of Mind

By Stacy Lamorte

About a decade ago, my husband and I were getting ready to go on a cruise together, just the two of us.  Our children were very little, and we had been talking about preparing for “the worst” – who would take care of our children should something happen to both of us at the same time?

It is not a fun discussion to have – certainly not one to take lightly, but I had so much peace of mind going on that trip having that big question figured out.

Sure, something could have happened to the two of us together any time we had gone out without the children (even on a “date” to the hardware store when we were renovating our house), but that trip was the catalyst for us to have a Last Will and Testament prepared by an attorney.

You may ask, “How this is a ‘Catholic’ issue?” God tells us, “Be not afraid” so many times in the Bible because he knows that fear takes us out of faith and farther away from him.  Once our will was prepared, I was not afraid to get on that ship.

It is a moral decision, as it would devastate your families enough if something happened to you anyway.  For your family to not know, however, what your intentions are for your children could also potentially cause major familial conflict.

We would love to hear your advice! If you are a professional in this field or just people who have been through the process, please let us know where to begin. Then we can truly “be not afraid.”

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