Doing Unto Others …

By Gavin Lewis

True story: When I was younger, I was extremely selfish, mainly because I felt like God owed me for the many trials and tribulations that happened within my family.

I was not a sharer nor someone who was willing to help others. I took, and rarely gave.

 I saw life through a very small lens, and, although my mother and aunt tried to sway that view, as a kid I just was not willing to change my outlook.

As I have grown and matured, my mindset has shifted. Every trial and tribulation I now see as a lesson and a way not only for me to learn, but also a way for me to impart that knowledge on others in an effort to prevent them from having some of the same struggles I did.

I am more giving of myself now more than ever.

When God first made this change in my life, I questioned why people did not reciprocate the same “favor.” It was hard for me to understand why being a good person and doing good things for people did not stop others from mistreating me.

My mom would say to me, “Everybody ain’t you; everybody does not have your heart. Do because you want to do, not because you think others should do as you do.”

She would quote from Matthew 25:40 in the Bible as a great example of why we should do for others. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

I have lived those words for the majority of my adult life and continue to do for others because God requires it of me.

What does “do” for others mean? Doing for others rarely requires a financial commitment, but it is more about spending time with and being a part of a support system that allows someone to vent to you, or seek advice when needed without the pressure of being judged or talked about negatively.

Many people find it difficult to do for others because of past experiences or feel they have been used or taken advantage of. The truth is we should not feel that way. God will judge us for our intent and what’s in our heart.

Do not allow one person to stop you from being a blessing to someone who really needs you.

I often give to those on the street corner seeking money for food. I do not know what their intentions are once they have my money, but honestly it does not matter because I know what my intentions are, and God knows what is in my heart.

I do my best to take this approach on how I provide help and support to others. I am fully aware that there have been times in which people believe that they have “used” me or gotten away with doing something which I do not know about. Again, the truth is that I do not care. I “do” because God requires it if me, and I will not allow those who seek to do me harm or use me from stopping me from doing what God has required me to do.

Although this may be difficult at times, I challenge you to do the same. True judgment comes from God and not those here on earth.

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