The Heavenly Chorus of ‘Mom’

By Sarah McDonald

My baby recently turned 1 year old. It’s hard to believe that my sweet “Happy Face,” as I call her, has reached the milestone. Along with her first birthday came a few other milestones: first steps and the addition of “Mama” to her baby vocabulary. Of course, there were the occasional “Mamama” and “Dadada,” (the latter being the first, of course) earlier, but lately the “Mama” has become quite distinct. She has joined the “heavenly chorus” of “Mom, Mommy, Mama” that echoes through my house in rapid succession on a loop.

Can’t find a shoe? “Mom!”

Fighting over a toy? “Mommy!”

Need a snack? “Mom, can I have …?”

Need help? “Mommy, do it.”

Not in the same room? “Mom, Mom, Mom, where are you?”

We live in a pretty small house for seven people; there are really not many places I could be!

The other day, I was helping my 3-year-old when I heard Happy Face calling very distinctly, “Mama,” as she crawled towards the boys’ room. I finished up with my boy and went quickly to her, scooping her up in my arms and kissing her chubby baby cheek. She smiled, giggled and cuddled into my shoulder. She didn’t need anything; she just wanted the reassurance that I was there.

As I reflected on how she has joined the chorus and what that meant, I began to think about how God must feel when we call out to him in prayer.

While my human nature can find it frustrating to be asked to find a shoe, only to walk into the room and immediately find it, I think God probably reacts a little bit more like me in my encounter with Happy Face.

What if we approached our prayer life like her: just calling out to him be closer to him? I imagine God, our loving father, would happily wrap us in his loving and merciful embrace if we allow him.

Thanks to this reflection, I am trying to be more patient and less frustrated over the “Heavenly Chorus of Mom” that echoes through my house.

I know that because I am a beloved daughter of God who calls out to him when I am in need, he is calling me to be there for my children, so that they can feel safe and know they are loved, enabling them to grow closer to him.

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