Get Involved in Your Parish, Know Your Priests

By Greg Zambrano

Many times, you might hear about movements to help preserve trees and the environment. People dedicate their time, talent and treasure towards these causes.

This conservation effort is a great idea because we are called to be good stewards of the Earth.

Some of us volunteer to clean our local parish church by vacuuming, washing windows and straightening the books in each pew.

Let us not forget to assist, encourage and pray for our priests, deacons, seminarians, religious and nuns.

While parishioners remember to support their parish with monetary donations and, sometimes, volunteer, I also suggest that families should, at some point, visit a priest or religious. In order for children to gain respect for consecrated religious and, to an extent, the sacraments, they should get acquainted with them.

Another option is to have a priest visit you. Invite him to your home for dinner to spend time with your family. While at your house, request the priest to bless it.

As the kids interact with religious, they will ask questions. It’s a great way for children and priests to get to know each other. Have the children understand the importance of priests to our lives, the community and the whole world; and their sacrifices, like Christ’s, for the sake of all.

We need to remind families to constantly pray for priests. Together, be a sign to them that their sacrifice is worth it, and that Jesus, through the church, loves them.

If we want our community to be successful in the eyes of the Lord and for salvation of souls, we must pray for those in consecrated life.

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