Faith is Not a Choice for a Child

By Kim Roberts

I recently found myself in a conversation with a group of mothers discussing if they should let their child decide whether they will go to church or not.

Well, I had an opinion on this topic. I think that just as parents guide their small (and large, in some instances) children through life, faith is no exception. I don’t and didn’t let my children decide if they should go to school, eat a diet that consisted of junk food or have a super late bed time.

I believe my parenting duties also apply to religion, and I definitely made the decision that they would have faith in their lives.

Children are not equipped to make these life altering decisions at such a young age; we are here to teach them.

When a baby is baptized, parents promise to take the lead in the spiritual and ethical development of their child. This is a commitment that should be taken seriously, it doesn’t go away as the child grows up.

Parents need to lead by example and attend Mass with their children, pray before meals, let them know that Christ has a place in their home. Young children learn by example, and parents should make religion a way of life.

This is important for young children, especially, so they can learn the importance of faith. Now, as they get older discussions may be in order, but at least they will be equipped to make a solid decision based on faith that has been built throughout their formative years.

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