Taking Time to Breathe

By Gaby Smith

The busyness of moving, work, summer activities and adjusting to a new place has been hectic, yet joyful.

God and my body have been reminding me to breathe and take a seat.

On the days where I can sit for more than 10 minutes, I thank him.

Taking care of one’s body is so important, especially when you have a family that relies on you for so much.

It’s important to me to take the time out of my day for some rest. Even if it’s 10 minutes of closing my eyes. Try it (just remember to not oversleep if you take a nap!).

Maybe try a bath and ask your spouse to watch the kids for a few extra minutes. Maybe go outside and taking time for a quick prayer.

When you have little ones that rely on you, self-care and time of quietness is important.

What do you look forward to for some quiet?

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